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all the worst things are

right there inside you, you are

made of water and oil


i once knew

a soul –

so perfectly meshed

with mine –

[it sounds so damn cliched

but that is how it was] –

we were so precisely tensioned,

exact warp to

corresponding weft.

our weave,

so fine,

so tight.

by the time this soul had to leave me,

we had created a fabric of

all surpassing beauty,

myriad complexity of patterns

stitched within.





as painful as ripped seams.


i find myself holding tight

to the threads

that are left –

trying to move the shuttle

back and forth

fast enough

to keep up with

all these

unravelling ends.

bella sometimes i

don’t know who i am without

you: must keep breathing

I know you are not gone,

I see you in the breeze,

In the sunlight, starlight, moonlight,

I see you in the green things growing in the garden,

In the rain,

I hear you in the birdsong in the morning,

I see you in the beauty of silhouettes at dusk,

I feel you in my heart and wrapped tight around my soul,

And I know,

Utterly and completely,

You are not gone.

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