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i’m Circe again:

singing stinging this man’s soul

into it’s true shape.


kick you to the kerb.

kick you again until you

bleed for both of us.

i want to mark you

with half crescent claw of nail,

declare you are mine

lightning on this edge

of sky this is you and me

our long kiss goodbye

the moon swallowed by

the dragon maw of cloud you

closed your eyes and sank

no stars only the

bright moon through fast flying rags

of cloud and dark sky

our boundaries are

north and south and east and west,

that’s all we can see

the why and the how,

the then this now,  north is south.

this compass broken

heat humidity

and i lick the sweat from your brow

humidity heat

i kiss you like the

thirsty woman kisses her

new bottle of gin

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